Drivers Have Several Options for Tire Traction in Bad Weather

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Driving in terrible weather conditions can be frightening. If you've ever felt your car skid or begin to lose traction while on snow and ice, you know how dangerous and terrifying that can be. Carrying some materials to aid in supplying traction could help, especially if you are stuck with spinning tires.

Believe it or not, standard kitty litter will help provide traction in a pinch. It's inexpensive, easy to clean up if spilled in your trunk and, if you own cats, you already have some at home. Other options include sand and rock salt. Rock salt is very effective at melting ice quickly, but it can also be very corrosive, a potential issue if you spill it in your vehicle. If you want to use sand, you'll likely see good results, but remember, if you drop fine grains of sand in your car, it's hard to vacuum.

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