Exterior Features of the Dodge Durango

In the mid-size SUV class, Dodge's Durango is a popular choice, favored by drivers for its performance on the road, its comfortable interior, impressive range of technology options, and for its eye-catching exterior design features.

The Dodge Durango's front grille comes in six different designs, all of them featuring the characteristic crosshair design. Fog lamps come standard on all versions, but the R/T and SRT offer an alternative racing stripe that runs along the center of the car from bumper to bumper. An optional roof rack allows for stowing extra cargo and features folding crossbars that tuck into the rails to reduce noise at high speeds when not in use.

A single large brake light composed of more than 190 LED lights dominates the back end of the Dodge Durango, providing visual impact and plenty of warning to drivers following behind. Dual exhaust ports are positioned directly below the brake light, providing a balanced focal point.

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