Roadside Emergencies: Expecting the Unexpected

Roadside emergencies happen when you least expect it. Whether it's a tire blowout, vehicle malfunction or an accident there are steps you can take to stay safe.

A little advance planning can go a long way in the event of a roadside emergency. An emergency essentials kit can be kept in the trunk and should include jumper cables, road flares, a flashlight, antifreeze, water, tools, a first aid kit and non-perishable snacks like beef jerky.

There are also safety precautions that should be taken during a roadside emergency. Remove yourself, and your vehicle if possible, from the path of moving traffic. Place flares 100 steps from the front and rear of your vehicle. Never accept a ride from a stranger, wait for a tow truck to arrive.

Here at Northpoint Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, safety always comes first. Stop by our service center in Derby, VT if you have any safety-related questions.

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