Dodge Grand Caravan Provides Fuel Efficiency Features

Dodge introduced the minivan to the American automotive marketplace in the early 1980s. Today, its Grand Caravan remains beloved. At Northpoint Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we like to help our customers in Derby, VT and the vicinity save money. You can save with Dodge Grand Caravan's fuel efficiency features, which we will explore now.

On each Grand Caravan, you will find low rolling-resistance tires. Built with rounded tread corners, these 17-inch, all-season tires roll more easily than the average tire, which improves the minivan's gas mileage.

Within the Dodge Grand Caravan's cabin, you will find an item no other minivan in its class contains, a fuel economizer. This feature electronically reads road conditions and your driving decisions to change when your Grand Caravan automatically shifts the engine to the next gear. With this feature, you can get more miles from a gallon of gasoline, and to employ it, you need only push the dashboard's ECON button.

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