The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee's Capability Features Offer A Lot of Bang for Your Buck

If you're based in Derby, and you're looking for the most feature-packed vehicle available, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to give the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee some consideration. It is packed with a number of fantastic capability features: here are two of the standouts.

At Northpoint Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we highly value features that give the driver more control over their vehicle. It's because of this that we're so impressed with Jeep's Terrain Management System, which gives you access to five different 4x4 systems. Among them are settings for snow, sand, auto, mud, and rocks. These are some very useful features for those who find themselves driving through tumultuous terrain on a frequent basis.

Likewise, we also value capability features that offer more information, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee's excellent UConnect Nav system. It offers a ton of invaluable statistics pertaining to your car's performance, like transmission temperature and wheel articulation.

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