Enjoy Cargo Flexibility

Getting a Dodge Journey means that you will have a vehicle that provides quite a lot of interior space, as a midsize SUV. That includes the space that serves as the area for storing and transporting cargo. From gym bags and luggage to groceries and groceries, the Journey can accommodate anything: thanks to its cargo volume, as well as an in-floor storage area.

Standard cargo volume on the Dodge Journey, which is measured from the third-row seats to the liftgate, is set at 10.7 cubic feet. However, you can expand this space into the cabin at up to 67.6 cubic feet by folding both the third-row and second-row seats. In addition, you can lift up the standard cargo volume tray to reveal an in-floor storage area for storing things away from sight. This is especially helpful if you need discretion for certain items or don’t want to fold down the seats for more luggage room.

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