Taking Your Summer Adventure Into The Fall

Anyone who has ever gone off roading at different times of the year can tell you that every season has its own challenges. When moving into the fall, there are several major boxes you should check before you decide to go off roading in a new season. Here are a few major considerations:

Get Tires Checked

Summer heat makes the air in your tires expand, increasing pressure, but as the air gets cooler, that pressure will drop. Lower pressure means softer tires. If you’re already off roading, then your tire pressure will be lower to start, and if it drops too low, you run the risk of damaging the tire and wheel itself. Depending on your vehicle, there will be different recommendations for your tire pressure for those kinds of activities.

Check Your Cracks and Chips

If you’re taking your vehicle where things get a little rough, you’ve probably seen a few scrapes and chips on your paint and windshield. It’s important to not ignore these minor blemishes on your vehicle. With changing weather, a small chip can expand into a major crack across a window. A little dent and scrape can begin to rust and do more significant structural damage. 

Light It Up

Sometimes, when you’re out having a good time, the shorter days can catch up with you and leave you in the dark. Heading off that issue by getting all of your lights checked out and replaced if necessary can keep you safe both on and off the road when the sun goes down. 

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